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Will This Plot Ever Twist Or Will I Still Resist?

...I'm playing the part of a Lost Realist

7/2/35 01:44 pm - Friends only.

Banner made by me.
My dog, Neko (Akita/GSD) and his best friend, Dyson (Belgium Malinois/Doberman).

These entries are private. So do the thing and add me, but please comment here so I know who you are and where I know you from. =)

For the people STILL stalking me, my life is STILL so much better now you guys are out of it. So no matter how hard you try, it's staying that way. ^_^

5/4/11 01:46 am - Not for the squeamish. **public**

**Gore pics inc***
Late Night Emergency. Equine.Collapse )

Have I mentioned I love my job?
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1/29/11 09:15 pm - WVU Class of 2010!

FINALLY. All my sweat, blood, tears, and sacrifices have paid off! Time to close that chapter of my life.

A big THANK YOU to my family and close friends that have supported me these past 5 years on getting this major point in my life accomplished. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today. ♥

And all the people who held me back and called me selfish for going on my own path to achieve my dreams (even if it meant leaving that parasite in my life)? Thanks for being the obstacles in my way that I didn't let get me down.

I am a very successful, independent young woman who has done this on her own.
Nothing can stop me now.
I am free.

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